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May 18, 2021

About the Role

The Head of Design Innovation, International role is a mix between an Executive Creative Director and a Customer Experience Strategist. With your international expertise in the consumer mobile space, you’ll take the wheel in guiding the visual design and customer experience strategy for International expansion & innovation by taking a customer lens approach. Your primary responsibilities include 1) translating the Gojek brand, visual identity and product experience to other markets, 2) connecting UX and marketing research, 3) defining CX metrics and strategies for measuring sentiment, and 4) spearheading innovation in design for international markets.
As a natural leader and visionary who advocates for the unique needs of local markets, you’ll also prioritize a coherent and consistent brand identity that infuses the product experience at all levels. Working with local country leads and researchers, you’ll design an operational model for engaging in replicable, scalable, customer and insight-driven work. Your efforts will define and refine our brand and visual guidelines, allowing local variations and personalities to shine while maintaining a recognizably “Gojek” aesthetic.

What You Will Do

  • Big Picture: Map out the big picture and the end-to-end experiences for the user journey by closely working with teams that contact and study our customers; consolidate research, data science, customer care, marketing research and products to understand the real needs, specific situations, and context-of-use for Gojek’s services; move forward with insights and innovation through rapid cycles of prototyping, testing, learning and refinement
  • E2E Customer Journey: Work on design across the entire end-to-end journey, starting before customers even take their phone out of their pocket and progressing through marketing, advertising, the app store, onboarding through to activation, comms and beyond; design for specific points of view (POV) and create radically customized solutions to those situations (this work requires collaboration with PDGs, research, marketing, creative labs, writing, & support)
  • Brand Refinement: Manage the extension and refinement of the Gojek brand from a product experience perspective into international markets; involve in all phases of the engagement and design process; coordinate and synthesize the data, insights, vision and design ideas across multiple product areas to define new approaches to design and UX for international audiences
  • Leadership & Communication: Build and maintain strong relationships with all relevant stakeholders; convert complex projects into pieces that can be worked on by junior designers; be an expert at leading strategic conversations and providing formal and informal mentorship, especially related to your respective stream and in efforts to improve the effectiveness of the organization

What You Will Need

  • At least 8 years of relevant experience in design and leading teams in international markets
  • Track record of guiding teams and delivering innovative solutions that reshape the user experience for end-to-end consumer mobile user journeys
  • Expertise in visual design and brand identity as it relates to localized product experiences and markets; deep understanding of brand narratives, personalities and visual identity
  • Ability to connect research, design, marketing, writing and branding teams and build consensus with key stakeholders on vision and strategy
  • Expertise and case studies connecting Brand Promise & Service Delivered; ability to create seamless connection between brand marketing and product experiences/service delivered across a wide set of touch points
  • Understanding of design sprint methodologies and ability to lead groups working to rapidly and iteratively refine and test emerging product ideas and proposed solutions
  • Tactical skills to guide work, develop guidelines and build design centers for unifying brand marketing, advertising, app store, and in-product creatives
  • Analytical and research background especially in the areas related to sentiment level scoring of creative materials from marketing to app store to in-product experiences
  • Track record of developing Brand Guidelines that allow local variation but tie back to a central brand; creative leadership to refine tone, messaging, illustration, brand identity, product experiences, and visual identity
  • Prior case studies of developing an operational model for engaging in multiple countries that is replicable, scalable, customer and insight driven
About the Team Gojek Design Team envisions and creates products and services that meaningfully improve the lives of our users in more than 20 products. We have continuously evolved our processes, improved the quality of our outcomes, expanded our reach within the organization, and relentlessly advocated for our customers. Our aim is not only to design the products, but also to educate everyone around us on what design is, and why it makes sense to always start with the users, and work backwards. The Gojek Studio, a new team formed within the wider Design Team based in Singapore and Jakarta, touches multiple teams across Gojek’s consumer mobile ecosystem. Studio work is highly-collaborative and agile - with quick iterations that are designed, prototyped and tested. We work closely with stakeholders from productOps, designOps, IxD, creative labs, research, marketing, writing, illustration, motion and branding teams as well as DS, UXE and eng. The focus is on speed & learning, starting with divergent and radical ideas and narrowing down to more focused execution on the details and transitions between states. Our goal is ultimately to shape and deliver on an elevated Customer Experience Vision & North Star. Collectively, our vision and north star is to deliver experiences that inspire customers to say: I love Gojek, I trust Gojek, and I feel like I am part of Gojek because Gojek cares about me. To get to this north star, the user experience of the future needs to consistently communicate that “We understand what you want” and “We care about you” in the context of providing services and things for you to buy. The experiences need to continually elevate our relationship by building trust & transparency at every contact point. Our brand should amplify people’s sense of possibility for their livelihood and families - interwoven with the future of Gojek - by helping them reach their goals in multiple areas of their lives. For businesses & merchants, this is about providing personalized guidance and offering recommendations so we are seen as their business partner. For consumers, it’s about progressively involving them in the relationship so they feel like they are part of a family and community. These experiences (and this positioning) can differentiate and anchor our brand across the region as we expand internationally.

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